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Registering Now for the 2023 - 2024 Teacher Training

Dec 1, 2023 - May 5, 2024

Deepen Your Practice, Awaken Your Soul

Ready to step into the world of teaching? SOAR yoga teacher training program is a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour program that offers a safe, nurturing, non-competitive environment that will help you discover your passion for teaching yoga and expanding your knowledge of the practice. This training is appropriate for those who want to start teaching yoga, who love yoga and want to learn more, and those who want to integrate yoga more fully into their lives.

SOAR training is an in-depth study and training in Vinyasa yoga integrated with the energetic, physical, spiritual, pranayamic and psychological elements of the yoga practice. The program will encompass the physical body, the subtle body, the breath, meditation, and creating a practice suitable to all bodies seeking the practice. Students will gain a richer understanding of how to integrate all of these practices for themselves and also for their future students whether in a group class setting or in a private setting. The sparks of joy that are created through each training weekend will enliven your spirit to share your knowledge and gifts of the practice with others!


What Will I Learn?

Foundations Weekend

​You will walk away from this weekend with the tools needed to teach a beginner’s level Vinyasa class safely to all populations.

What will we learn?

  • Breakdown of about 40 yoga poses

  • Breakdown of Sun Salutations A & B

  • Learn to sequence Vinyasa flows

  • Execution, modification, & transitions of poses for all bodies

  • Learn and practice developing class sequences on peers.

  • Learn effective communication techniques

  • Learn effective cueing and transitions through verbal language and body language

  • Learn about preparing for a class

  • Community service yoga options and learning about liability as an instructor

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Communication & Philosophy Weekend

Take a deeper dive into communication techniques, build on to foundations with new poses and breathing techniques, and introduce ways to start living a yogic life. 

What will we learn?

  • Breakdown of about 40 yoga poses.

  • Learn and execute sequence Vinyasa flows.

  • Learn your personal communication style and how you prefer to learn.

  • Discover alternate ways of communicating and learning.

  • Learn to teach to all communication and learning styles.

  • Learn the qualities of an effective instructor.

  • Learn about the 8 limbs of yoga.

  • Learn about the Yamas & Niyamas.

  • Introduction to Pranayama techniques.

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Meditation & Introspection

This module offers a little more introspection as we explore meditation, the subtle body, and the chakras.

What will we learn?

  • Breakdown of about new yoga poses.

  • Learn how to execute hands-on assists.

  • Learn about the chakras.

  • Learn about the subtle body.

  • Learn about bandhas.

  • Introduction to meditation & chakra meditations.

  • Learn & practice incorporating meditation and chakras into class.

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Philosophy & Traditions

Examine traditional texts that provide insight and history into yoga. Dive into the philosophical intentions behind the practice through readings and discussions. This module also introduces Nada Yoga or sound yoga through chanting, music, and live performance. We will learn Sanskrit in the context of yoga poses as well as learn mudras and pranayama practices.

What will we learn?!

  • Breakdown of about new yoga poses.

  • Learn about the Yoga Sutras

  • Learn about the Bhagavad Gita

  • Introduction to sound therapy & chanting

  • Learn about mudras

  • Learn base knowledge of Sanskrit and Sanskrit for yoga poses.

  • Learn about the koshas

  • Learn more advanced pranayama techniques

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Anatomy & Alignment

Take a close look at human anatomy & physiology, biomechanics & movement patterns, and how all the systems play into asana, pranayama, and meditation.

What will we learn?!

  • Learn about the primary function of the working muscles and prime movers.

  • Learn about the antagonist muscles.

  • Learn about the skeletal structure and how it plays into body alignment on all bodies.

  • Learn to identify muscles and learn how to teach around your desired effect in the body based on the muscular system.

  • Learn about muscle anatomy and how its role in flexibility.

  • Learn how to teach safe classes and prevent injuries for all bodies

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

  • Use Thai Yoga to  make the learning fun and feel good!

Special Populations

This module is about learning to teach special populations such as seniors, pregnancy, de-conditioned and larger bodies, & those with chronic diseases. We will also focus on using props.

What will we learn?!

  • Modifications of previously learned poses

  • Use of props and chairs

  • Learn about special conditions

  • Execution, modification, & transitions of poses for all bodies

  • Learn inclusive languaging

  • Learn and practice developing class sequences on peers.

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

Unification Weekend

This module is about unifying the knowledge developed over the course of the training and integrating that education into mindful living for the weekend.

What will we learn?!

  • Discussion on the business of yoga

  • Discussion of altruism and personal practices

  • Meditations, journaling, and art exercises

  • Teaching class to peers using any theme, focus, or aspects of learning acquired throughout the training.

  • Intention setting

  • Enjoy daily master classes where you get to be a student with a teacher’s awareness.

  • Graduation Ceremony!


Reiki for SOAR Yoga Trainees

SOAR Yoga offers an opportunity to study Reiki with Reiki Master-Teacher, Erica Miller, as an addendum to our Yoga Teacher Training program. 

Reiki is a Japanese system of energy transfer to aid in bringing balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the receiver. The beautiful practice of Reiki is a wonderful complement to yoga teacher training, as it deepens your understanding of subtle energetic anatomy and takes you a step further on your spiritual journey. 


By completing Reiki Levels I & II, you will be prepared to offer Reiki as a standalone business or incorporate your Reiki practice into your newly attained yoga teacher skill set! Reiki can be an icing on your yoga classes: providing Reiki as a healing component of savasana, offering Reiki during Restorative classes, or during lovely holds in Yin Yoga. Becoming a Reiki practitioner is a great way to supplement your income as a yoga teacher, while keeping to a holistic system of balance & healing. 


Most profoundly, the path of Reiki attunes you to accessing your Highest Self and is a tremendous assist on your path of awakening!

Investment is $450 for Levels I & II for our students. This discount is offered ONLY to SOAR Yoga students.


What Our Graduates Say


Nikki, 2019 Graduate

“Taking my teacher training with Samantha was one of the best experiences of my life. She has an amazing gift for teaching. Her knowledge and passion for Yoga is truly infectious. She has inspired me and left with me with a thirst to learn more and the I will carry all the things I learned from her with me for the rest of my life.” 


Mary, 2019 Graduate

“My 200 hr yoga certification training with Sam at Bliss Yoga was nothing but amazing. The knowledge I have gained has been helpful and will be utilized in my practices, plus the connection made between the students has been priceLess. Be prepared to immerse yourself in your certification training and studies. My time commitment was well worth the knowledge gained.”


Peggy, 2019 Graduate

“Samantha Kollasch is an excellent teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, creative, and welcoming. Sam represents SOAR Yoga strongly by presenting organized, flexible lessons infused with the “why and how” that is needed to become a yoga instructor. Her comments are accurate and nurturing. I strongly recommend Sam and SOAR.”

Fees & Payment Options

$500 non-refundable deposit

$2,800 Early Bird Special. Register by September 1, 2023 with full tuition paid.
$3,000 full tuition, due in full 30 days prior to training start date
$3,300 payment plan: $500 deposit + 4 equal payments of $675. We also have monthly payment plans available. Let's talk about what's easiest for you!

If additional payment plan options are needed, please email Samantha. We want to help you join this wonderful journey and can work with you to schedule payments that fit your needs.

All manuals and workbooks are included in the price. 3 additional reading texts required for the course are not included in the price.

Training Dates

All dates and times are required for certification. If you have a conflict, please discuss with Samantha prior to registration to discuss possible alternatives.


Dec 1, 2, 3


Jan 6, 7

Feb 2, 3, 4

March 1, 2, 3
April 5, 6, 7

May 4, 5

Weekend Schedule


3:30 pm - 6:30 pm


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Andrew, Program Graduate

“Samantha is a kind and informative teacher, and I loved her class. From day 1 it’s both a huge relief and incredibly exciting at how organized and social the program is. You really connect with Sam and the others in your class on your yoga instructor journey. It was definitely more than I expected, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Whether you’re looking to dive deep in the yoga world or just dip your toes in and become a part-time instructor, Sam holds nothing back in sharing what you can do, and who you can teach to. I’ve only just started teaching, but the books she leaves you with are incredibly helpful tools that will help you prepare any class.”


Enrolling in Training

While we don't hold a formal application process for enrollment, we do want to chat and find out what is inspiring you to start this amazing teacher training journey. We want to make sure our program is a good fit for your intentions and that it aligns with your goals. We want to know that all of your questions are answered and that you feel connected to us right from the start of your training! To start your enrollment, contact Samantha to set up an introduction call.


Phone: 319-621-5808

If you've already chatted with us, feel free to use the booking link below to submit your full payment. If you intend to take advantage of our payment program, please contact Samantha to set up your payment plan.

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